Ordering 1/4, 1/2 or Whole

First time purchasing quarters, halves or a whole beef straight from the farm?  We want this to be as stress free as possible for you! Here are some common questions and answers to help get you started. Feel free to contact us with any others!

Q: How much does Britt Farms charge for their meat?

A: Right now we are taking orders for our healthy and affordable Angus beef!  Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page  if you are interested!  Our prices are always based on the current cash market with a small premium which benefits you as the consumer.  Our calves average 700 lbs carcass weight.  The processing fee is separate (see the next question for details on processing).  Even with processing you will be paying the same for steak as you would hamburger. That’s another huge benefit of purchasing straight from the farm!

Q: How much are the processing fees?

A:  Unless you specifically request otherwise, we take the live beef you purchase from us to King’s Processing in Marceline, MO. They are the most reasonably priced in our area and we have been very thankful for their customer service and integrity. They charge .51/lb for processing plus an additional $40 per head for the slaughter fee. If you only purchase a 1/4 of beef, you will only be charged 1/4 of the slaughter fee. You are not charged based on the live animal weight. Instead, you are charged based on the hanging/carcass weight.

Q: If I purchase the whole animal straight from the farm, how much meat should I expect to take home after processing?

A:  If we sell you a 1200 lb steer (higher end of average weight for most of our beef) according to the experts you can plan an average hot carcass weight of  750 lbs (tongue, liver, kidney, etc. removed) and an average of 562 lbs take home weight.  Again, these are averages just to give you an idea of cost and freezer space to plan for. Of course if you are fabricating the carcass into a combination of boneless and bone-in cuts the number would be higher. You do have the option with our recommended processor of purchasing the liver, kidney, tongues, etc. as well.  Have we completely confused you?  Here’s a table that may break it down even better for you: Amount of Freezer Beef Expected from a Carcass? 

Q: How many pounds am I required to purchase?

A: Our maximum limit is based upon availability, however, we do require at least a 1/4 of beef minimum when purchasing in this fashion.  If you are looking for a smaller quantity, we do offer much smaller package rates and individual cuts that are ready for pick up/delivery now! Click HERE for those prices!

Q: Once I decide I would like to purchase beef from Britt Farms what do I do next?

A: If you would like to purchase beef from us simply let us know via the contact form below, email (kara.brittfarms@gmail.com), phone (660-833-9875) OR via Facebook and please include your full name, how much beef you are interested in, your email and a good contact number. We will add you to the list and let you know the approximate time frame you can expect to receive your beef. We will then give your name and contact number to the processor who will then contact you when it comes time to process your beef and they will ask you what cuts you would prefer.  They will also call you once the beef is ready for pick up!

Q: Do you deliver?

A: For an additional delivery fee to cover gas and expenses we are available for delivery. However, this is subject to planting, harvest and other responsibilities we tend to. We cannot promise a yes, but we will for sure try to meet your needs. If you live more than an hour away, but still in the state of MO, then we would require at least a whole beef be purchased to help make the trip worth the time away from the farm and our family. The whole beef can be split between 4 different families. We have delivered to Columbia, Hannibal and Branson. We are open to delivering as far as St. Louis and Kansas City.   In Hannibal, we had customers meet us there from North Central Illinois as well. If a group of people are interested in purchasing beef from your area then we will do our best to come to you! Please contact us to discuss this further if you need your beef delivered. Otherwise,  the beef will be available for pick up at King’s Processing in Marceline, MO.

Q: Is the meat frozen upon pick up/delivery? 

A: Yes! When the meat is picked up from the processor it is frozen. If we have worked out a special delivery method with you then we will do our best to keep the meat frozen until it is placed in your hands/cooler!

Q: What cuts are available?

A: You get to pick your own cuts!

Q: I run a restaurant/catering business and my meat needs to meet USDA inspection standards and have a USDA label, do you provide that? 

A: Yes! If you will let us know from the beginning that you need the USDA inspected processing and labeling we will make an appointment for your beef to be processed at a special processing plant.  We would be honored to supply you with local, healthy, flavorful beef for your customers and business!

Q: Can I come and visit Britt Farms to see the animals and beef production methods? 

A: Yes, by appointment only!  We manage a cow/calf operation, some feeder calves and have a full scale crop production side to our farm.  With this in mind, we are not always available for visitors (depending on the season) so we ask that you contact us to arrange a visit.  We would love to give you a tour and introduce you to our family!


* In the event that King’s Processing is unable to process your beef due to a full bay, we will let you know right away if we plan to use another processor and if the prices are different than previous posted/discussed. If you have a specific preference for another processor in the area we may be able to work with you and make arrangements.