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Seasonings Contest Ends Tomorrow!

Loving reminder that the Seasonings Contest ends tomorrow! 

Why participate?

1. Supports agriculture and healthy cooking.

2. You could win which would mean:

  • You save $20 on your favorite seasoning.

  • Your grill basket is ready for Spring/Summer!

3. We love our friends/fans and will be offering more contests periodically!

That being said, all you have to do is tell us what your favorite seasoning is and like us on FACEBOOK! If you are already a Facebook fan, then please share our page on your wall!

Thanks so much and Happy Easter everyone!

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Signs of Spring

I like springtime in March…

When I was in high school we gathered lilacs in late April or early May for our Senior Band Banquet…we thought it was pretty cool to be out of class on a beautiful spring day to cut flowers from lilac bushes all over town.

Bouquets of lilacs in March?! I have never picked lilacs in March. My mother and mother-in-law said they haven’t either and my 89-year-old neighbor, Berniece, said. “it’s the end of the earth”. Consider yourself warned…

My neighbor, Sandy, brought us mushrooms today…(March 29). We have the best neighbors ever! Now you know what I’m preparing for supper…

I don’t remember mushroom hunting in March, though…

Signs of Spring…

My plans were to grill a couple of steaks last night and take a picture for you…To my delight, I could smell the tantalizing aroma of BBQ when I pulled into the drive-way.  I’m telling you, it just made my mouth water…My wonderful husband had set the table on our deck (complete with placemats, napkins, etc.), grilled the steaks, baked the potatoes, cooked  green beans and had a pitcher of iced tea waiting for me.  I forgot all about taking a picture (and it would have been so pretty!).  Yummmm, it was perfectly delicious!

Don’t forget to complete the “two-step” from our latest contest! You could win $20 worth of your favorite seasonings! I am looking forward to hearing what you like on YOUR steak!


Win $20 Worth of Savory Seasonings for Grill Season! 2 Steppin’ Fun!

(Photo from KC Masterpiece)

In 2 easy steps (2 steppin’ fun!) you can be entered to win your favorite seasonings valued at $20!

What do you prefer? McCormick Montreal? Paul Deen’s Butt Massage for your roasts?Weber Chicago Steak Seasoning or Blazin’ Blends KC?

There are hundreds to choose from but we bet you already have a favorite or at least something you have heard that you have been wanting to try. Well, we want to stock your grill basket full so you are ready for your spring dinners and BBQ parties!

Here’s how you “2 Step”:

1. Comment on this post and tell us what your favorite seasoning is for meat or what you are wanting to try as far as seasonings go!

2. Share our Facebook page with your friends! Just copy and paste this link ( on your wall and ask your friends to “like” our page to support agriculture and to learn new recipes!

We are so thankful for our faithful followers and for your support of agriculture! You encourage us daily with your comments and “likes” on our posts.  THANK YOU!!!

Fire up the grill!


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